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CPR, AED Training

  • Life saving training for situations involving children, infants and adults

  • Defibrator training for medical arrest

  • Standardized training through heart & stroke and Rec cross

Emergency & Standard First Aid Training

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First Aid Kit

Emergency & Standard First Aid Training

  • Emergency first aid, AED & CPR level C (Adult, Child & Infant)

  • Standard First aid, AED & CPR level C (Adult, Child & Infant)

  • Standardized training through Heart & Stroke or Red cross

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  • Safe handling and assembly of oxygen equipment

  • Proper delivery of supplemental oxygen using approved delivery devices

  • Measuring and Inserting appropriate airway adjuncts

  • Assessment skills for identifying and administration of supplemental oxygen

  • Scenario based training for realistic based training

  • Airway Management & Respiratory Emergencies

  • Traumatic & Medical incident Management

  • Infection prevention control

  • Pregnancy, Labour and Delivery

  • Extrication and Lifting

  • Soft tissue and Hemorrhage trauma

  • Mass casualty incidents

  • Done in co-operation with the Regional Training Office program.

BLS, ACLS, O2, Advanced Airway &
EFR Training

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